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Nordea is the leading bank in Scandinavia and one of the biggest banks in Europe. It manages funds for millions of investors and has high ethical standards which honour social responsibility and the environment. Articles about their investments and work around the world are published in the quarterly Nordea Invest magazine.

When Nordea came to us to publish their magazine digitally, it was the most widely circulated magazine in Denmark. Digital transformation would not only save them considerable time and money but also give them an instant outreach to their users and a platform to launch new interactive products.


We immediately understood Nordea wanted their customers to have a digital experience as close as possible to the very popular Nordea Invest Magazine, available both online and offline.

Over several workshops with Nordea we discussed user-groups and digital channels and narrowed down the desired features to a detailed project plan for Nordea’s new digital offering.

Our UX experts and designers then started to produce the User Interfaces. The design phase was followed by the product development where we delivered the product in SCRUM sprints.


The choice to build the magazine on our in-house developed publishing engine “momo-publisher” was clear, as no other solution could offer as seamless an online/offline experience or a format so close to the real magazine.

Nordea would continue its existing writing and editing processes, but deliver content directly onto our platform. From there it was published to the apps and web.

The new digital format also gave Nordea possibilities to offer exciting features to its readers like videos, surveys, competitions or extra in-depth materials with background articles and photo-libraries.

Moving from a printed format into digital saved Nordea Invest millions and shortened the production cycle. This digital transformation was so successful that the old Nordea Invest Magazine was soon discontinued and our solution became their sole publishing stream, distributing over a million magazines a year.

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