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Nowadays, millions of people are social media users. An average person has about five accounts in different social media, and spends around two hours in them – which means that in many ways, social media has altered the way people communicate. This has long since opened new ways for businesses to invite more prospects – and today, social media marketing has become one of the principal means for communicating with the audience first-hand, and reaching people at the right time, in the way they would be most likely to engage with your business.

Why do you need SMM?

Social media is a marketing multi-tool. It allows you to reach multiple goals at once – communicate your message across different audience segments, share any news, build trust with your followers, raise brand awareness, advertise your products or services, retain your leads – and, of course, increase conversion. At that, social media is crucial for analyzing your audience, as it gives you every possibility to listen, and respond to their needs in a timely manner. By embracing this highly personal channel, you can get an army of brand advocates. At Nerdpeople, we will help you discover and employ all of the necessary edges of the SMM multitool in a way that will best benefit your ROI. We’ll look into your customer journey and design the strategy that will best perform against your business goals – and fill it with content that will be both entertaining and efficient. We are always on top of the latest SMM trends, so you can count on us for up-to-date social media marketing services.

What we’ll be happy to do for you:

Media presence audit

we’ll analyze how your social media accounts are doing, to see which channels, types of content, and approaches are actually working, which aren’t, and will ultimately come up with the solution that will best meet your business goals.

SMM strategy

we’ll lay out the strategy for any social media platform that fits your business, which will showcase your strengths and communicate your message loud and clear – on top of bringing new leads.

Content development

we’ll lay out the strategy for any social media platform that fits your business, which will showcase your strengths and communicate your message loud and clear – on top of bringing new leads.

Competitor activity analysis

we’ll see how your main competitors are running their SMM, what works for them, which opportunities this gives to you, and what can later be adopted into your strategy to win over the market.

Profile setup and optimization

we’ll determine the social networks that go along with your type of business, and then get your profiles up and running in these networks. We’ll also make sure your existing profiles match the latest requirements of social media
services – and look really good, too.

Social advertising

we’ll set up your social media campaigns for any goals to make sure your paid ads are delivered to the right audience and result in conversion boost. We can go as precise as targeting your roommate who is sitting right next to you.

Social community management

we’ll carefully nurture your audience, growing the number of followers and their engagement with your brand, to ultimately turn them into your brand advocates.

Group monitoring

we’ll determine the social networks that go along with your type of business, and then get your profiles up and running in these networks. We’ll also make sure your existing profiles match the latest requirements of social media services – and look really good, too.

Have anything specific in mind? Let us know and we will help you to make it happen

Channels we work with:


Is your business highly visual? Or maybe, you are just looking for the new ways to grow your audience and expand your reach? Whichever it is, Instagram will be your loyal platform that will help you build quality relationships, reach out to your audience in the real time, share engaging content, and most importantly, increase sales.

Instagram technology is evolving at a very fast pace–and the number of users is growing. In 2018, 500 million people are using Instagram on a daily basis–and many of them not only have buying potential you are looking for, they can get 10 times more engaged with your brand than they would on Facebook, and up to 84 times higher than they would on Twitter. At NerdPeople, we will help you turn this vast Instagram potential into measurable results.

We will custom-tailor the strategy to fully meet your business goals, and will streamline your brand perception and lifestyle values to make sure your content resonates with your followers. And, it will look pretty, too.


Do you have a Facebook page? Chances are, you do. And so do 22% of the world’s population, making Facebook the most used and the most powerful social network. Needless to say, such massive usage opens endless horizons for reaching your potential clients–and doing it in the most personal and straightforward way. In fact, many local businesses choose having a Facebook page over having a website–because Facebook makes it easier to get a message across the audience in a timely manner.

At NerdPeople, we can help you channel your business values to the right audience, build up your following, and embrace the strategy that would bring the maximum engagement and ROI. We will closely analyze your competitors and the niche peculiarities to come up with the right content blend to meet–and surpass–the expectations of your target audience.


Lately, Pinterest is gradually turning into Google for visual content. Everyone looking for any kind of visual inspiration eventually lands on some board, or certain pins. With NerdPeople, you can become this inspiration!

Pinterest content gets shared around several times faster than the content across other social media, and as much as 87% of users have claimed to purchase a product because of Pinterest. For businesses, this opens a highway for new targeted traffic. We will direct it into the right route by defining the best-suited approach, shaping your content in a way that would bring maximum engagement, organizing it into the necessary boards, and optimizing it to be found in the top search results.


If you are looking for the social network to share–or gather the latest news, Twitter’s the one. It gives you immediate exposure to huge numbers of users, and the dynamics of this channel is immense, too. Despite the rapid growth of other social channels, Twitter has a consistent number of loyal users, mostly among millenials. What is more, the statistics suggests that 28% have a college degree, and are likely to have an income above average. This means that if you reach them with the right message, they have a better purchasing power.

That is why we are here for–to help you establish trust relationships with the top-tier clients. We will build up the content that matches the preferences of your target audience, make sure it is both catchy and relevant, and distribute it in accordance with the carefully built promotion plan. Your influencers will never get past!


Got a feeling that instantaneous content is the absolute winner for your community management and lead generation? Jump on Snapchat, a flagship social network that allows you to direct message your content to the broad audience. Weirdly enough, not so many businesses have Snapchat presence–as this platform requires a different and off-beat marketing approach. However, if you are targeting young people aging from 18 to 35, and you aim for the behind-the-scenes effect, this channel can become your pot of gold.

Our nerds will help you build up the most authentic Snapchat presence that would feel organic and unintrusive to your audience, while also building awareness around your business. We will make sure you have a meaningful and personal relationship with your audience, which comes as a great foundation for your clients’ transformation into brand ambassadors.


For many people, music equals life, or almost nearly so. If you are a musician, or a music producer, these are exactly the people you want to reach, and Soundcloud is the go-to platform to do so. What is more, it has a great amount of social features, which allow you to win your audience by interacting with them on a more personal level. With 76 million of music-craving and music-sharing users visiting this service a month, it can give you a waterfall of traffic and sales, if Soundcloud marketing is done right.

At NerdPeople, we have music in our veins. This arms us with every bit of passion, creativity, and expertise needed to promote your music business on Soundcloud. Based on who you’d like to target, we will craft the best content presentation and promotional strategy, help you reach out to the influencers, define the content that could be used as a like-to-download gate lead magnet–all of which will grant you networking possibilities, while taking your audience to the point you wish them to arrive at.


When many people think about the music streaming service, they immediately think Spotify. This giant platform has over 170 million active users, who spend around 1.7 billion hours streaming their favorite songs. All of this puts Spotify in the lead for music- and audio-streaming–while giving you a powerful toolset for promoting your brand, both with or without audio content.

Spotify has smart yet comprehensive advertising possibilities, which our nerds will be glad to help you employ in your Spotify marketing strategy. We’ll assist you in building up the voice of your brand, getting your content across the audience it will sink in with while they are streaming the music, and tell your brand story employing the best-matching audio means


These days, a growing number of people are getting more and more drawn towards audio content, which goes in line with their rapid life dynamics better than everything else. People are more inclined to listening to audiobooks as they drive to work, immersing into podcasts when going for a morning run, or taking audio-courses over long trips. That is in addition to the fundamental fact that music has become an integral component of our daily routine. It is your chance for generating new leads with your audio content–and Mixcloud is the platform that meets such needs best.

Mixcloud is home for radio sets, DJ sets, podcasts, and all sorts of streamed audio–with millions of users visiting the website each month. At NerdPeople, we will help you include Mixcloud as another channel into your marketing strategy, or focus on promoting your music content exclusively on this platform. We will fine-tune the promotion techniques to match your unique goals, and bring you maximum exposure with minimum effort.


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