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Search engine optimization has become an integral part of digital experience these days. Having a beautifully designed website is no longer enough – the key is to make it found by the people with the power to buy. Search engines are constantly updating their ranking algorithms to provide smarter and more relevant search results to users, and thus introducing new aspects that need to be integrated into the website SEO optimization process.

Why do you need SEO help?

Organic can be your ironclad source of traffic. When searching for products or services, people rarely browse further than the second page, so the main goal is for your website to appear at the top of the search results. Having a SEO-optimized website not only improves your chances to be ranked before your competitors – it will also drive the leads who will engage with your business better. On top of that, SEO expert services can boost your online visibility, and raise brand awareness.

At Nerdpeople, for each of our friends online, we build up a customized data-driven strategy that covers all website aspects – from concept to code and content. We stay on top of all the updates search engines introduce to their ranking mechanisms, and employ them the moment they are released. Our SEO service are human-centric, which means that we will thoroughly analyze the target audience to deliver the solutions that will appeal to people as much as they stay relevant for search engines.

Issues that can be solved by SEO:

Google penalties

Organic traffic drop

SERP positions drop

Lack of traffic and positions dynamics

Irrelevant traffic

Low conversion rate

Being spammed by competitors

Low brand awareness

What we’ll be happy to do for you:

SEO website audit

we will run a check of how your website currently ranks with the main search engines, which keywords bring organic traffic to your website, considering both on-page and off-page factors; diagnose any SEO errors, prioritize them and describe their influence on your website; create SEO task list to fix all SEO errors that were found; analyze how your main competitors are doing in terms of SEO; and suggest the course of actions that will improve your ranking.

Keyword research

we will pinpoint the keywords that your target audience uses to find your business, and build a list of the keywords that would perform best for your website to use in your content, based on their relevance, competition and search volume for target area.

On-page optimization

we will make sure your website is right for both desktop and mobile SEO, and that all the pages have proper metadata and linking; fix any on-site SEO errors; make sure that your URLs are SEO-friendly; create directives for effective website crawling by search engine bots; maintain the proper keyword density; and ensure that your website is accessible and indexable.

Off-page optimization

we will develop and carry out a strategy for building an valuable external link mass with thought leaders, industry resources, business catalogues and bloggers, work with crowd marketing platforms, and across social media, as well as manage your online reputation in comments and reviews.

SEO content development

we will create SEO-friendly content for your website, including blog articles and the description of your products/services; as well as the articles, images and other types of content that will be published on the external resources to get quality backlinks for your website. Our copies will not only boost your ranking – they are really engaging too!

Want to boost your market presence?

We’ll make sure that your business is right there where and when your prospects need it.

Rasmus Gustavsen,