Direct Marketing

Wanna add Marketing superpowers to your business?


Imagine the situation: you approach a random person in the street and starting to promote your product or service to them out of the blue. How many deals do you think you’ll close this way? Chances are, no more than just a few, if you are lucky or eloquent. But will these people ever come back for more? Probably not, unless they run into you in the street again.

That’s where direct marketing does the trick, allowing you to address the prospect who needs your product. The success of your business is no longer measured in sales per se, but much rather the long-lasting relationships you build. Launching researched and well-planned direct marketing campaigns can take you straight to the audience that has a craving for what you have to offer.

Benefits of direct marketing:

  • It allows you to build and nurture the relationships with new clients
  • It is cost-effective, as you target the audience that has the pain points that can be addressed by your solutions
  • You can split test your initiatives without risking your budget to identify the winning strategies
  • By sharing the valuable and resonating content, you can set the engine of word-of-mouth marketing into perpetuum motion
  • You can see how your target audience responds to your product – and adapt it to their timely needs and expectations
  • You can increase sales, and ultimately improve the lifetime value of your solutions

What we will be happy to do for you:

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing means. With very little investment, businesses can summit the grand sales peaks by simply sending the right offer at the right time. Brilliantly built email communication with engaging content has proven to turn your leads into paying customers – by being organized into a streamlined funnel.

As simple as it sounds, many businesses are faced with complications on their way to email success – mostly because nowadays, people are bombarded with emails from every direction. This means that there is a high chance that your message can simply get lost in the clutter of unread emails. Needless to say, that open and click-through rates on such campaigns are less than impressive.

At Nerdpeople, we’ve adopted a sophisticated approach towards email marketing campaign. We don’t just send solitary emails and see how it goes. After meticulous research, we will elaborate a funnel that can be automated and integrated into your marketing strategy at every step you need – from lead acquisition, to lead qualification, conversion, and retention. We can speed up your prospects’ decision-making, gather a base of loyal clients, spark the interest among your users and keep it lit throughout the journey. Our nerds will do everything to have your audience look forward to your awesome emails.

Remember how that chant from the commercial you saw stays with you throughout the years, and pops up every time you go to the store? That’s the power of advertising. Times have changed, and radio and TV ads have given way to their digital analogs, making paid advertising more accessible, effective, and far more personal than ever. The Internet has gifted businesses with the more enhanced advertising, branding and remarketing schemes, and a multitude of forms you can wrap your ad message into. The key is to make sure that people who see your ad have the buying power.

Why do you need advertising?

Whenever you want to give your online presence a push – advertising is exactly the force you need. It is one of the principal and most efficient means for bringing more traffic and generating instantaneous results. When planned wisely, paid advertising will considerably increase your pool of customers, setting the ground for further communication, and return your investment twofold. From social media and AdWords to the most offbeat channels and platforms – there is no limit to the paths that can take you to success in your market niche.

It’s no secret that most users are not the biggest fans of ads. But what if we tell you that with Nerdpeople, you can advertise in a creative – and not overly intrusive way? That we will help you plan and save your advertising budget? What if we help you to create ads that people will enjoy – because they are fun, helpful, or interesting to look at? All you have to do is tell us what you’d like to advertise, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll bring conversions to your doorstep.

What we’ll be happy to do for you:

  • PPC (AdWords ads)
  • Social
  • Display
  • Video advertising

Do you want your ads to perform as a part of a more complex cross-channel flow? We can come up with a sophisticated marketing strategy – or help adjust your existing one. Nerdpeople team also has video and design experts, who will help you to visually shape your ad exactly the way you see it.

Simple truth: spontaneous and disorganized marketing rarely works. What is more, even if you are spending endless hours advertising your business on numerous platforms, and investing thousands into the process–this does not necessarily bring you any expected results, unless you bring it all together within comprehensive digital marketing funnels.

Sales funnels have been around for decades now, transforming total strangers into your loyal clients. Our nerds will put our best thinking caps on our heads to organize all of the marketing efforts into a streamlined, logical, and well-functioning funnel. Here at NerdPeople, we do not treat it as a sales funnel per se–because we believe that a single sale is not the end of the journey. Rather than that, we build marketing funnels, with meticulous lead nurturing, careful lead qualification, and smart upsell processes that will inevitably draw your clients to come back.

Already have digital marketing funnels that you feel could do better? Our team will be happy to fine-tune it! We will detect any problem spots, and come up with the solutions on how to optimize them to get the ultimate performance with minimum effort. Oh, and we love to automate things, which means that once we hit ‘Go’, many of the funnel stages will require very little attention, and little to no activity from your side.

At that, even if your conversion rate is huge–there is still room for us to make it even higher! We will spy the openings for conversion increase, and come up with the most inventive approach to tweak your funnel for even better conversion. We can go all the way from traditional to crazy creative, too!

Marketing is a multi-faceted process, which requires you to keep a huge amount of tools within reach in order to move forward at a desired pace. The more channels you employ when promoting your business, the more platforms and services you end up sprinting between. To save your time and increase your productivity, Hubspot has gathered everything inbound- and CRM-related in one place. But, as it often happens with comprehensive solutions, mastering Hubspot inbound marketing takes a bit of time and effort–something you may not have to spare when you are trying to push forward.

Our nerds to the rescue! We have profound expertise working with this platform, so if you would like to keep your marketing under one roof–or just need some bits of Hubspot functionality to be integrated into your activity, we will make sure everything is up and running. Hubspot inbound marketing provides an extensive toolset, which include email, blog, website, SEO, landing page, automation, analytics, and social media functionality. You can choose to go with all of them, and we will tailor our strategy to go in line with the powers of Hubspot–or we can help you juggle the certain features along with the external tools you are using, and get the most out of their combined performance.

Likewise, Hubspot has smart and easy-to-use CRM integration, which allows you to gather the contacts of your leads, segment your leads into pipelines, and record all the communication in an organized and easy-to-access way. At NerdPeople, we can help you set Hubspot CRM up, and integrate it to the lead generation processes to automatically gather all the information you need.

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Rasmus Gustavsen,