Content Marketing

Want to entice your users with the magic of words?


You’ve probably heard that content is king – and this expression is fully justified in the digital environment. Content is what can grasp your prospects’ attention, hold their interest, trigger specific actions, and keep them coming back to you for more. The power of words is one of the driving forces of marketing, as when given the right shape and direction, it will establish an emotional connection with the audience – the one that would be the hardest to break.

Why do you need Content Marketing Services?

The Internet is where most people go to search for answers these days. Whether you have products, or services – you need good content to have people land and stay on your page. Content marketing allows you to educate your audience, speak your brand message, and provide solutions to the problems your prospects may be faced with. Combined with search engine optimization activities, your content marketing strategy will showcase your expertise in the field – and pay off with
the improved credibility.

Nerdpeople content marketing services reach beyond simply crafting good copy. We look into the industry, estimate the interests of the audience – and then carefully sculpt the strategy that addresses the needs of your prospects today and tomorrow. Our nerds will go creative all the way to come up with the pieces of writing that resonate, and tell your story in a way that would bring your business to the forefront.

What we’ll be happy to do for you:

Content audit and strategy

we’ll run a thorough content analysis that assesses your business industry, content trends, competitor activity, and will measure the relevance of your content to build the best-performing content strategy. This will help invite more users to your business organically, raise your brand awareness, and deliver your unique message.

Content creation

we’ll build up valuable website content in a captivating and SEO-friendly way. We compose unique articles, blog posts, tutorials, white papers, case studies, emails, social media posts, infographics – everything that will push your business forward. Even Shakespeare-inspired storytelling pieces.

Editorial calendar

we’ll carefully outline your content plan based on the needs of your audience, your business goals, the keywords that you’d like to target, and the topics you’d like to cover.


we’ll build up the strategy for your blog content, which would be very healthy for your SEO ranking, while making sure your content reaches your audience when and how they will be most open to reading it, and makes them hungry for more blog articles of yours. We’ll take care of all the blog loading and styling, so you won’t have to bother about any of that.

Newsletter creation

We’ll design the seamless communication flow, and prepare well-worded email content that will take the clients through your marketing funnel, making them feel nurtured and genuinely valued, while being in-line with your brand message and voice

Nerd formula of marketing:


painstaking research

all-encompassing analysis

carefully sculpted strategy

steady foundation for building a powerful brand identity, improving online visibility, increasing engagement, and building a trust relationship with your customers online

Want to boost your market presence?

We’ll make sure that your business is right there where and when your prospects need it.

Rasmus Gustavsen,