Wanna add automation to your business? Let our nerd masterminds handle it.


These days, tech advancement empowers people to liberate your work from a series of redundant mechanic tasks that take up much of your time and attention–a few of the most valuable resources we all have–through the power of automation. Surely, you can do your marketing the old school way, manually adding the posts each day, or taking pleasure from hitting “send now” on each newsletter. But if you feel that you can invest your time into something more productive, there are many automation tools out there, which we can help you integrate, set up, and optimize.

When do I need automation?

If you are feeling that you are stuck with routine marketing tasks, and instead of moving forward, you are focused on keeping up–you definitely need marketing automation. Or else, if you feel your customer journey and conversion flow are bumpy as you need to step in too much. At that, if you are struggling with any of the reasons listed below sound all too familiar, automation can be your go-to approach:

  • You are struggling with with identifying and engaging your target audience
  • Segmenting and nurturing your leads, and defining if they are willing or ready to purchase gets too hard
  • You don’t track the performance, or measure ROI on each of your campaigns
  • Your online sales are not growing, you are not generating new leads
  • You have hard time understanding your prospects and what motivates them
  • Your don’t know why people keep bouncing off your website, or you don’t track website traffic in the first place
  • You deem social/email/content marketing is not working for your business

Or maybe, you have simply discovered that without automation, you perform. With marketing automation, you outperform other businesses. In either of these scenarios–or any others that make you feel that you are doing something you shouldn’t–we’re here to help you set up all of the necessary automation.

What can we automate for you in marketing?

Simply put, nearly everything, and in many cases–all under one roof. A number automation tools are designed to help you organize and make a connection between your cross-channel marketing activities without ever leaving the platform. Others are specifically targeted at meeting your needs and boosting your performance in one of the channels. At NerdPeople, we will analyze your unique business needs, and come up with the tools that fit your goals best.

We work with a considerable number of automation platforms, such as:

  • Content management systems and e-commerce platforms
  • Customer relationship management tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Lead nurturing platforms
  • Landing page builders
  • Social media management tools
  • Advertising management tools
  • Campaign management platforms
  • Inbound marketing services
  • Email automation platforms

Want to boost your market presence?

We’ll make sure that your business is right there where and when your prospects need it.

Rasmus Gustavsen,