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Wanna add Marketing superpowers to your business?


Are you looking for new ways to expand your business online, and connect more customers with your products or services? Do you want your digital approach to be thoroughly creative and custom-tailored to anticipate the needs of your audience? Or maybe you just feel that your Marketing could use a few fresh ideas? We’ve got your back.

Nerdpeople team

Nerdpeople is a team of tech junkies, who will help you discover the shortest path to your digital success based on your business goals. We provide a full spectrum of Marketing services – and for each of our friends online, we develop a unique integrated combination of cross-channel solutions that will drive more leads, increase conversion, and ultimately boost your ROI.

What we’ll be happy to do for you:

Social media marketing (SMM)

3 billion people are using social media. We’ll connect you to those who look for your solutions.

Direct marketing

Your business message delivered to your target audience’s digital doorstep in a form, shape, and way that would make it resonate.

Inbound marketing

Identifying the pressing needs within the audience, and addressing them with the right valuable content at every stage of the funnel.

Sales funnels

People rarely buy from someone they know nothing about. We’ll design the flow of communication that will take your customers from strangers to brand advocates.


Having a tool do the routine work frees more space for creativity and real achievement. We’ll find the best-matching tools for reaching your goals.

Content marketing

Where advertising fails, engaging content and storytelling do the trick. Our nerds will amplify your voice through unique, well-targeted, and researched writing.

SEO services

No one visits second page in Google. We’ll help you get to – and stay – at the top of search results.

Nerd formula of marketing:


painstaking research

all-encompassing analysis

carefully sculpted strategy

steady foundation for building a powerful brand identity, improving online visibility, increasing engagement, and building a trust relationship with your customers online

We’ll make sure that your business is right there where and when your prospects need it.

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Rasmus Gustavsen,