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Your website will never convert – unless you clearly show your users how to do it, where to do it, and reduce the number of steps needed to do it. Your app will hardly be kept on your user’s phone, unless it is transparent, fast, and easy to use. Your software will never be used, unless it’s intuitive and modern-looking.

Proper UI/UX design helps ensure none of these happen.

What are UI and UX?

User Interface, or UI, is the look and feel of your digital product. It is how you present it to the audience, how you brand it, and ultimately, how interactive it is.

User Experience, or UX, defines the usability of your digital product. Is it easy
to use and understand? What is the flow? How does a visitor interact with it? Is it efficient, fun, or pleasant to use? These are all addressed through UX design.

How we do design?

To give you a solution that rocks, we need to answer the
main three questions of UX design







To do that, we take the
following path:

Discussing the initial idea with you.

  • We try to understand your brand values, goals through lots of talking and asking all kinds of questions
  • We do competitor and market research to identify the best practices in the industry
  • We outline the architecture of the information that needs to be delivered to your target audience

Coming up with user roles and target personas

  • Who will be using your product/service? What are their pains that you attempt to solve?
  • We build estimated portraits of a typical user for each role
  • We map the customer journey that will be traced into the design

Designing the interaction

  • We center our designs on the user, and provide solutions that meet their needs, and fit into their model of thinking
  • We use wireframes to blueprint the data structure and way it works within your product, with all of the functionality shown in dynamics on separate screens
  • We create prototypes - layouts and mockups to visualize the proposed functionality more vividly


  • We validate our findings and assumptions based on user testing
  • We run A/B testing and launch user testing workshops across various focus groups to polish the design
  • We gather and integrate user feedback to make sure we deliver solutions that dwell on case studies, not on make-believe

Designing the interface

  • We make sure the design is comprehensive and self-explanatory, while driving the right emotions, and speaking the message loud and clear
  • We create the interface following the prototypes you approved, and ensure it is aesthetically pleasing, clean, and modern-looking
  • We provide the specifications for the development team to pick up the project


  • We take the design and slice it into your website/app/software
  • We write clean code that meets the latest standards and works on any platform
  • We can also assist with backend integration to avoid any pitfalls or misunderstanding when implementing

Sometimes, a fresh design is all it takes to make a dramatic increase in sales.

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